​Ashley Hartnett

I am thrilled to continue working with the Rockrimmon community as part of the 4th grade team again this coming year! My goal as a teacher is to create a learning environment where our students feel safe to learn and take risks. As a class, we will be challenging ourselves to create a cooperative and caring climate where the joy of learning and discovery will be celebrated. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, students will be encouraged to be independent learners, and to take responsibility for their actions. I look forward to creatively working towards providing the optimal learning environment for my students where they can demonstrate the individual talents that each and every one of them has. I strive to creatively nourish every child’s strengths, and help to build up their areas of improvement. Be sure to check out daily happenings on our Class Blog linked below!

Classroom Guidelines & Expectations Attachment
by Ashley Hartnett
 8/20/2018 2:01 PM

​Attached are the ins-and-outs of 4th grade as we launch the year.  A new Unit of Inquiry Newsletter detailing specifics on what your children will be learning will be posted at the start of each of our six units.

Specials Schedule 
by Ashley Hartnett
 8/20/2018 1:57 PM

​Rockrimmon added Counselor and Technology specials on Fridays to accommodate scheduling so Friday will always be different, either Music & Art (30 min. each), or Counselor/Technology (30 min. each). Otherwise, we follow a rotating Monday-Thursday...

4th Grade Summer Reading Project Attachment
by Ashley Hartnett
 5/30/2018 9:29 AM

​​Attached is an outline of our 4th grade summer reading project to accompany our first novel, Among the Hidden, which will launch our first Unit of Inquiry into How We Organize Ourselves.  Happy reading!

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