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Your child will:

  • develop a deep understanding of important concepts;

  • conduct research into knowledge which has local and global significance;

  • acquire and practice a wide range of essential skills in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Art, Music, P.E. and a foreign language;

  • learn more effectively using inquiry;

  • learn and use the skills of a second language;

  • be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, the environment and other people;

  • have the opportunity for involvement in responsible action and community service;

  • manipulate the many facets of technology to become responsible users of the tool;

  • and finally, develop the conceptual understanding and knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to not only succeed at the district and state curriculum, but surpass in both breadth and depth those expectations.

It is a balanced program of concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions for children that is academically challenging including an extensive French language component. The primary curriculum sets high standards and has high expectations for the students. The teachers and administrators, working with the international guidelines of the IBPYP and the district and state standards, plan the primary program together. This provides a more coherent education reflective of the district and state standards and the community as well as an international perspective.

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