Arrival and Departure Procedures




     Morning Hours: 8:30-8:45 am
     Afternoon Hours: 3:45-4:00pm

Please do not drop off children before 8:30 for safety reasons.  Adult supervision begins outdoors promptly at 8:30. There is no adult supervision of students before 8:30.

An adult must accompany and sign in students at the office, who arrive after the 8:45 bell.  Please do not send late students into the building alone.

The drop off/pick up lane is for the purpose of dropping off and picking up students before and after school and is marked by cones for the safety of students and other drivers

  • Drive into the driveway single file.
  • Do not park in the faculty lot or in the overflow area just east of the building.
  • Before school, Rockrimmon staff members, dressed in orange safety vests, open car doors to greet students and let them out efficiently.
  • Parents remain in the car and pull through the line quickly when directed.
  • Children must be ready to exit the car on the curbside as you pull up in order to keep the line moving smoothly and quickly. 
  • When your child has special projects, etc. and needs more time to get out of the car, please park in a parking space and escort your child across the crosswalk to the school on those mornings. Children MUST have an adult with them when crossing the driveway. Walking between cars is dangerous.
  • Before school, students walk to the playground (or the gymnasium in inclement weather) up until the bell rings at 8:42. After 8:42, students who get dropped off in Kiss and Go shall enter the building through the front doors.
  • After school, pick-up students will wait out front in designated areas. Rockrimmon staff in 

Additional Kiss and Go Safety Information

  • Please be respectful of homeowners down Mikado Drive by not blocking driveways as the line pulls forward.
  • Please do not attempt to pull out of the lane, we ask that you stay in line and exit at the top of the drive in front of the school.
  • Parking is limited. Thank you for NOT parking in the faculty parking lot or grassy areas around the school.  Parent parking is available to the left side of the parking lot entrance.

Buckeye Drive Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Some parents choose to drop off and pick up their students at the back of the school on Buckeye Drive.
  • Please pull up on the south side of the street so your student can get in or out on the school side. Do not park between buses.
  • If you park on the north side of Buckeye, please escort your student across the street as there is no crossing guard to do that.

Handicapped Parking

Please remember that the designated handicapped parking spaces are for use by those with handicapped parking tags or plates.  We do have students and parents that qualify to use these parking places and the spaces must be available for them.  We have created a handicapped drop off area at the end of the service drive on the west side of the parking lot.  There is a gate there and only parents with handicapped students may park there long enough to drop off their students.  This keeps our handicapped students from having to travel through the parking lot to access or leave the building. 

For Those Who Walk

  1. Always use the sidewalks.
  2. Respect other people's property by not taking short cuts.
  3. Always use crosswalks where available.
  4. Proceed directly to school and from school.


Only regularly scheduled bus students have permission to ride the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege. Improper conduct will result in loss of that privilege.  Regular bus riders must purchase a semester bus pass at the D20 transportation office or the Finance Office at the EAC. Students who are eligible for transportation, but who ride infrequently, can purchase a booklet worth 20 bus rides for $20. These bus pass booklets can be purchased, in advance, at any school, at the Transportation Department, or at the Education and Administration Center. Please note that school bus stops are District #20 property and under the Tobacco-Free School policy, use of tobacco products at school bus stops is prohibited.

Video cameras will be used on District #20 buses, as deemed necessary by the transportation department, for the purpose of student management and to check the quality of transportation services. Such use will be oriented toward deterrence and/or correction of inappropriate or unsafe behavior, and to assure excellent customer service. Students will NOT be notified when a video camera is on board/in use on a district vehicle. When videotapes are produced, they shall be stored and secured to assure confidentiality. Video recordings held for review of bus incidents will be maintained in their original form pending resolution. Upon resolution, tapes are released to be erased or maintained according with established procedures that govern access, review and release of student records. Additional information regarding this policy is available in Academy School District #20 School Board Policy EEB-4043.