Medications at School | Rockrimmon Elementary



  • Parents are expected to bring medications to school with the “Permission to Medicate” form signed by the child’s doctor and leave them with office personnel who will administer all medications. 
  • For safety reasons no medications will be sent home with children. 
  • When at all possible, please try to schedule medications to be administered at home. Medications ordered for administration three times a day should be administered before school, after school, and at bedtime. 
  • If medication must be administered at school, please try to arrange the schedule so that the drug is administered around the lunch hour to avoid disruption of the instructional program.


must come in the bottle dispensed by the pharmacy. No medication can be administered if it comes in a baggie, plain bottle, envelope, etc. We suggest you have a bottle for school and a bottle for home. The bottle label must include the following information: 

  • Student's name 
  • Prescribing doctor's name 
  • Name of the drug, dosage, and time the drug is to be administered 
  • Prescription date 
  • Date medication is to be stopped

OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS such as Tylenol, cough drops, and cold medications must be brought to school in the bottle or box in which they were purchased. The student's name must be written on the container, and the dosage must match the District Medication Consent Form completed by your physician. The container will be kept in the main office. 

A DISTRICT MEDICATION CONSENT FORM completed and signed by the parent or guardian and prescribing physician must accompany all medication. This form is available at the school office or in the Digital Backpack link on the Rockrimmon Elementary Website . The form must include the following information: 

  1. Student's name 
  2. Name of medication 
  3. Amount of medication to be administered 
  4. Time medication is to be administered 
  5. Date medication is to be stopped 
  6. Permission for the school to administer medication 
  7. Prescribing physician’s signature
  8. For medications administered on an “as needed basis” the note must indicate the amount to be administered, the frequency, and the reason for giving the student the medication. 
  9. Bottom of form must be completed and signed by parent/guardian