Playground Rules

 Playground Rules

Students must dress appropriately for Colorado weather. Students are not permitted to return from recess to classrooms to retrieve forgotten items.


  • Students must keep hands and feet to themselves.
    • Contact tag is not allowed.
    • Students may chase as long as no touching is done. Velcro belts and scarves are provided for chase games.
  • Snowballs, rocks, sticks, sand or grass clods, etc., must stay on the ground. No throwing.
  • Students must have permission from a playground monitor to leave the playground for any reason.
  • Playground equipment:
    • Use all equipment appropriately and safely.
    • Please return all equipment to the equipment box or to your classroom – wherever the equipment belongs.
  • Know and respect the playground boundaries. Boundaries are explained to students at the beginning of the year along with playground rules. Staff on duty will remind students as needed throughout the year. Maps of the
    playground areas are available in the office. Areas that are off-limits for safety reasons include:
    • Cement culvert
    • Icy areas
    • The front of and the sides of the building are out of sight of the playground monitors and are off-limits.
    • The concrete block wall and fence are not to be used for climbing or jumping.
  • No electronics or toys from home are allowed on the playground without explicit permission from the classroom teacher for use during the grade level recess.
  • Respect others and use “I” statements.


  • Our students are expected to treat wildlife with respect and keep a distance. Students must report wildlife sightings to staff on duty.
  • If a stray dog appears, do not attempt to pet or go near it - slowly walk to an adult in an orange vest to let them know.



Dismount feet first.
Keep your hands on the bars at all times.
Do not stand or sit on top of the bars.
Only two students may be on a ladder at a time.


Use the basketball court appropriately for basketball games only.


Go down slides one at a time. No human chains.
Be sure no one is on the slide or landing area before you go.
Slide feet first, sitting or lying down.
Keep your hands and feet inside the slide while going down.
Move away from the slide as soon as you reach the bottom.
Please avoid hanging on the outside of the slide, climbing up the slide, tossing rocks on the slide, and other unsafe activities.


One person may be on each swing.
Please sit on your bottoms only. No kneeling, standing or lying on stomach.
Swing straight without twisting or spinning.
Do not throw swings over top of bars, or push while empty.
No jumping or flipping off swings.
Children may push from behind only.
No underdogs.

The rules for Tether Ball and Four Square are taught during gym class at the beginning of each year.