Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

 Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

Throughout Rockrimmon you will see posters listing behavior expectations in all areas of the school. These expectations, referred to as RISE expectations, are taught, supported and acknowledged in a variety of positive ways. 

RISE stands for Respect/Responsibility, Integrity, Safe, and Empathy. 

Each classroom develops its behavior rules within the framework of our Positive Behavior Support matrix. Most behavior infractions are minor and are handled by the classroom teacher who will use a variety of positive methods and procedures that are effective with children. 

If a more serious behavior offense occurs, the child will be referred to the principal. Behaviors that are referred to the principal include, but are not limited to: 

Physical aggression: hitting, kicking, shoving, tripping, rock throwing, bullying behavior

  • Verbal aggression: use of obscene, abusive, or threatening language to another student or an adult 
  • Defiance of authority, refusing to follow adult direction 
  • Continual disruptive behavior in classroom/playground
  • Stealing, vandalism, destruction of school property 
  • Possession of tobacco, controlled substances (drugs, alcohol), or a dangerous weapon 
  • Scholastic dishonesty, lying 
  • Violation of classroom, building, or district rules 

Consequences for poor behavior choices are dealt with on an individual basis. If your child has received a Behavior Referral the principal or assistant principal will notify you via a call home or the referral form will be sent home to be signed by parent/guardians and returned to school. The goal of discipline is always to learn from mistakes and take responsibility for individual actions. It is our hope that good behavior is reinforced both at school and home. 

When a child exhibits serious misbehavior, all efforts will be made to help the child improve his behavior. Parents, classroom teachers, and support staff such as the psychologist, counselor or social worker will be consulted to help the child.