Response to Intervention Plan (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support)

 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

The state of Colorado defines Multi-Tiered Systems of Support as: a multi-tiered framework that promotes a well-integrated system that connects general, compensatory, gifted, and special education in providing high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention that is matched to student academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs.

Our school is committed to supporting the academic success of all students.  In order to promote and support success, we utilize a Multi-Tiered Support System.  MTSS is a school framework that allows staff to provide support to the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.  Our shared goal is for all students to reach their maximum potential.  MTSS assures high quality instruction and assistance that is matched to a student’s needs in all of these areas.   Family/school partnerships are extremely important to each student and to the MTSS process.  We are committed to this partnership and look forward to working closely with parents regarding student success. The overarching purpose of MTSS implementation is to improve educational outcomes for all students through collaboration, data analysis, and targeted instruction.