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 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support - MTSS

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is a response to a federal law that addresses the learning needs of all students. The overreaching purpose of a school wide MTSS plan is to improve education outcomes for all students. MTSS is a proactive, multi-tiered approach to address academic and behavioral needs whether a child is working below grade level, at grade level or above grade level. Monthly MTSS meetings give educators the opportunity to make collaborative decisions based on data derived from frequent monitoring of student performance and rate of learning.
A four step process is intregral to MTSS and is utilized in each MTSS meeting. This process includes:
  • defining and analyzing a problem
  • identifiying variables
  • developing and implementing a plan
  • progress monitoring
Plans are modified when needed based on the student's response to the instruction and interventions.
The MTSS Team is comprised of MTSS Coordinator, principal, grade level teachers, literacy specialist, counselor, resource teacher, and other specialists as needed (nurse, speech therapist, etc.). This team meets monthly to discuss specific student needs.